Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brian Brown is astonished by two rather ordinary things

Tuesday, Brian Brown writing at the National Organization for Marriage blog offersIt's Not Only Kim Davis Who Has Been Targeted For Punishment.” Keep in mind that Brown is using Kim Davis as a reason for NOM to continue to exist in order to attract donations. Before I get into the specifics of Brown's feigned persecution complex, there are two things that seem to astonish him:
  1. We expect government employees to service all citizens in conformity with the law and;
  2. We expect citizens to obey court orders. They are free to appeal.
We are a nation of laws. The absence of that is mob rule. If you think that a judge has overstepped his authority there are remedies for that. There are also ways to reverse judicial rulings. NOM, for example, overturned a California Supreme Court decision that they did not like through Proposition 8.

Not obeying laws that one does not like may serve as a form of protest but one has to accept the consequences. Apparently Ms. Davis thinks that her paycheck is more important than her views on same-sex marriage.

According to Brown:
It's been a week since Kim Davis went back to work pledging to continue to fight for her religious liberty rights and not be forced to issue 'marriage' licenses to same-sex couples that include her name or are issued under her authority. In fact, she had the license forms issued by her office going forward be reprinted to remove her name and include a reference that they were being issued by deputies by order of the federal court.
I really don't want to go through the whole Kim Davis saga again. Ms. Davis can “pledge” anything that she wants but she is obligated to obey a court order … or she can resign. This has become more about her take-home than some convoluted notion of religious liberty.

Moreover, as I pointed out earlier today courtesy of the ACLU, she previously testified that she has no control over the format of the form and no discretion to modify the form.

And this all presupposes that she has a legitimate argument to begin with.

The fact of the matter is that Davis is claiming to be the victim of a very esoteric insult to her religion. That somehow her name appearing on an official government form is approval of something that she disapproves of (gay marriage). It is absurd on its face and if she is that sensitive then she is in the wrong job.

A possibly less legitimate argument than Davis'

The idea that National Organization for Marriage should continue to be funded because they send out emails on behalf of Davis and others is even more preposterous than the underlying religious objection. NOM claims to have a matching donor. I have my doubts.

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