Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brian Brown "on the front lines" - Exactly what does he do all day?

Brian Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage sent out a lengthy email to supports this afternoon. Its subject: “Breaking: Pope Francis in First US Speech Gives Ringing Defense of Religious Freedom.

There isn't much substance to the missive. I am for religious freedom as much as Brian Brown is. The question, which neither the pope nor Brown address, is how that freedom is defined and how it is balanced with other constitutional rights. Kim Davis, a government official, defines religious liberty as the right not to have her name on a piece of paper associated with something that she disapproves of. Others see religious liberty as the right to deny service to people they disapprove of — all cloaked in ready-to-wear Christianity.

There's not much sense in debating these issues with Brown. He believes that his authority comes from God. People like Brown have surrendered their critical thinking to their deity. At the end of the email is this jumbled paragraph:
These are strong words and so encouraging to those of us standing on the front lines of defending marriage and religious liberty. We will keep updating you as I will be traveling between Philadelphia at the World Meeting of Families this week for the Papal Visit.
So Brown is on the “front lines.” Really? Other than sending out emails and communicating with people who already agree with him, what does he do all day? How are he and NOM influencing public policy or even shaping public opinion?

Funny how typos sometimes work. It is actually true that Brown will be traveling “between Philadelphia.” While they try to obfuscate it, that is where Brown has his home and his office.

Between requests for money:
P.P.S. Please stop by our booths at the World Meeting of Families or Values Voters Conference. We are at both and would love to see you!
As I said, Brown is confined to communicating with people who already agree with him — and that is a minority of the American citizenry. What good does it do to finance that enterprise?

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