Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hate expressed in a single sentence of feigned tolerance

The Church never demeans a person under the influence of homosexuality.

I find it stunning that that sentence is within a polemic titled “Why Words Matter When It Comes to Homosexuality.” It was written by Dr. John Collins who – frighteningly – is superintendent of schools in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California. He is responsible for 15 Catholic schools (most are K-8). The primary purpose of his piece is to insist on calling gay people homosexuals which overlooks the fact that, in polite society, we address people as they prefer. Deliberately doing otherwise is, well … demeaning.

Under the influence? It took me over an hour and a half this morning to send this guy a brief email. It required that much time in order to be restrained and polite. Nevertheless, this is what the Church does. In spite of social and medical science they relegate sexual orientation to something comparable to a bad habit.

Real hate doesn't come from people like Tony Perkins or Matt Barber. We all know that they are ignorant crackpots with (at least in part) a lunatic fringe constituency. Real hate comes from educated people who write well and may seem perfectly reasonable. They also should know better. He goes on to write:
Inestimable confusion descends whenever homosexuality is thought to imply something positive in the order of dignity or aesthetics or friendship or being itself. Such implications are erroneous.
Erroneous? And that is not demeaning? The Church is in the business of demeaning and shaming gay people. The Church causes parents to shame their gay children. This is not due to the findings of social scientists. This is all based on the utterances of theologians and catechists who seek to conform society to ancient texts of questionable provenance. It is a choice and it does violence to gay people and their families.

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