Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One has to to wonder how some of these nitwits become bishops in the first place

Archbishop of Agana Guam Anthony Sablan Apuron
Archbishop of Agana Guam Anthony Sablan Apuron
Courtesy of a link from National Organization for Marriage, the archbishop of Agana, Guam lectures us about the true meaning of marriage equality. According to Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap., D.D. (donning a miter draped with tea bags):
These times compel the Church to expose the intentions of those who have deceivingly disguised same-sex unions as an issue of equality and anti-discrimination. It is important to understand that the political pressure to push the agenda for same-sex “marriage” has never been about gay rights; the true intention behind this agenda has always been about the destruction of the family and the imposition of the totalitarian system. The approval of same-sex “marriage” has now thrown open the doors of Guam to implement in our community a very clever and systematic theory, which has as its aim the destruction of marriage and family through the annihilation of any sexual differences among persons. This theory is known as the “Theory of Gender.”
Where to begin? The first question is whether or not this guy actually believes this baloney.  It seems to this casual observer that this is just demagoguery worthy of Ted Cruz (or Jesse Helms, for that matter). To suggest that the gay couples desiring to marry had some sinister agenda is patently absurd. Does this not demonstrate Apuron's lack of integrity? Does the Church permit such conduct? “Theory of Gender?” I am at a complete loss to understand what gender theory has to do with same-sex marriage. Apuron does not seem to have a clue. Is there a shred of evidence that supports the existence of this sinister agenda? Later on it gets worse as Apuron blows the dog whistle that gay people are a threat to children:
The next step will be to implement this theory in the educational system of Guam. This means that our children, your children, will be forced to assimilate to this pattern of non-gender; that there is no such thing as “male” or “female” — they will be encouraged to explore their sexuality earlier …
Simply put, that is insane! Where did that come from and what does it have to do with marriage equality? This is sheer ignorance and intellectual dishonesty (combined with a fair measure of arrogance) on the part of a pampered prelate. These men are not sufficiently challenged to defend their positions. They become megalomaniacs. This would be laughable were it not for the fact that so many people accept these utterances as the word of God.

I really don't care how many quotation marks Apuron puts around the word ““““marriage.”””” Gay couples neither seek nor require his approval. However, spreading hate – and that is what he is doing – is both outrageous and indefensible. And by the way — this issue was settled on June 26 of this year.

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