Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Poor Kim!

Apparently the world revolves around Kim Davis and her creepy religion. It is my personal belief that this woman just wants attention. Just ask Todd Starnes:
“When I went back into that holding cell I hit my knees and just prayed, just cried out for God to give me some peace and assurance that all was going to be well – and I prayed and I sang,” she told me in her first digital interview.

These people always state, or in this case imply, that they are acting in accordance with divine guidance. Later on:
Mrs. Davis told me it was worth every day behind bars.

“The Lord died and suffered so terribly for us and I counted such a privilege and an honor and a joy that I would have to sit a mere five days in jail to uphold His word,” she said. “For me, it’s worth it.”
I am sure that we are all glad that she enjoyed her stay. Apparently, however, upholding God's word was not worth a mere paycheck.

Aside from the fact that she didn't do her job she told gays, as an elected official, that they were second class citizens. She told their children that their parents were second class citizens. She has claimed that the constitutional rights of gay citizens are provided at her discretion. In the end we will prove her wrong. Will she accept that as the will of almighty God? Probably not.

Some people believe that this idiot is just a pawn of Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel. Mat Staver didn't invent this rather abstract religious objection. She did that all on her own. They are equally accountable. If she has an excuse it is her lack of mental hygiene — and I am not being sarcastic. She seems to believe that a deity (with whom she converses) is in control of her actions. I do not think that all people of faith are either deranged or stupid. However, there are some clear boundaries for religious belief – even devout religious belief.

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