Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apparently Matt Moore's "girlfriend" didn't work out - He remains a toxic menace

Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Matt Moore is a gay conservative Christian. Last December he wrote a blog post (mirrored on the Christian Post) titled “Forever Gay?” Therein he wrote (take a moment to find a vomit bag first):
I knew if I were ever to be attracted to a woman romantically, it would have to be nothing less than a work of God in me. But, again, I didn’t believe it would ever happen.

Until about a month ago.

Some time earlier this year I was connected with a girl through an oh-so-matchmaking-happy friend of mine.…
I realized… I liked this girl.

And no, not just in a “friend” kind of way. I’ve had lots of mere girl-friends. But this was different. I was not only enjoying this girl’s company — listening to her, laughing with her… and even laughing at her (am I a jerk?) — but I was drawn to her. In that way.
Now, I don’t know if this whole “situation” — as we both call it — is actually going to go anywhere. […]

But, nonetheless, this experience with this girl has been a massive blessing to me – and even breakthrough for me.
Coupled with the title he is clearly implying that one need not be “forever gay.” Yet now, in the Christian Post, he feigns shock that people did not understand him:
Despite what I feel was clear communication, I've gotten a lot of messages and emails from parents asking me if they think my "180-degree change" or my "being healed of homosexuality" could happen for their kid. Right here and right now I want to say as clear as I can: I have not experienced a 180-degree change nor have I been healed of homosexual desires.
He goes on to write:
In summary, to the Christians emailing me about their gay loved ones: It is totally possible that if your loved one comes to Christ, God will eventually lead them into natural, godly marriage. But it is equally possible he may lead them into singleness and designate them for the front lines of Christian ministry.
In the same post he writes:
I met a woman that provoked something in me I didn't know could exist. I didn't experience a sexual attraction to her equivalent to the level of attraction I've felt toward some of the members of my gender, but something about her captivated me.
I have experienced some level of opposite gender affection for a specific woman, and honestly, I'm hopeful that I will experience that with another woman someday.

What a pathetic fag!

I concede selective editing. Nevertheless, Moore continues to believe that he needs to be “healed” of his homosexuality. Were he honest with parents he wouldn't use language like that. Their kids are not sick — they don't need to be healed. They need to be loved for who they are. Moore also claims that it is “totally possible” that, in effect, their kid can pray away the gay.

What Moore fails to appreciate – what he fails to communicate – is that there is some fluidity in sexual orientation. However, there is nothing that one can do to influence that fluidity. It is as futile as trying to change the outdoor temperature.

In spite of all that we know about sexual orientation Christian parents are desperate for a “cure.” They believe that their children are broken or sick. This ensures that we will have another generation of neurotic gays and guilt-ridden parents. It is very sad that people put their religion ahead of their children when their are options. It is also infuriating.

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