Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bill May asks for money to "Prove the LGBT Lobby Wrong"

Thursday, Bill May, president of the Marriage Reality Movement, has sent out an email asking for money to prove us wrong. Last week I wrote about the old/new launch of this organization (which is really Catholics for the Common Good Institute) noting that they have no money. May writes:
We've also attracted the attention of the LGBT lobby who in blogs and social media have dismissed the MRM and our efforts. They point out that we don't have the money to be in a position to take back marriage. Sadly, they may be right.

In order to launch at the World Meeting of Families, the most important conference on the family and the Church in the past few years, we depleted our resources.
“Take back marriage” means undoing Obergefell because it is at odds with the Catholic Church. That, in turn, is at odds with the Establishment Clause. Apparently that part of the First Amendment is written in ink colored at a wave length that only progressives can see. What do they propose to do? Which 38 states would ratify a constitutional amendment? The BS is similar to you know who:
This is why we are coming to you today. The Marriage Reality Movement needs your help to continue the momentum we've built since the official launch. Your gift of $250 today - or whatever amount you can afford - can help us accomplish the most immediate next steps in our growth.
  • We handed out thousands of formation materials at the World Meeting of Families, however, now we need to reprint many of these tools and create new materials to reflect the redefinition of marriage in the U.S.
  • Getting the message of the MRM in the media is critical to our success. This includes blanketing media across the land and an active presence in social media.
  • The success of the Movement also depends on our ability to build a strong coalition of member organizations and individuals.
  • Finally, we must continue to build our website into a hub of information and tools for members of the MRM.
Let's prove the LGBT lobby wrong! Please consider a gift of $250, $100 or $50 today and help the Marriage Reality Movement continue to take back marriage for our children and families.
The logical mind asks “what is the point?” These people left logic behind them on June 26. The ruling in Obergefell seems to have driven these people totally insane. Perhaps they thought that God would intervene. Who knows?

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