Thursday, October 15, 2015

Brittany-Rivka-Klein-Newmark-Edelman-Whatever opines on Witherspoon's blog

It's been about a year since Rivka Edelman aka Brittany Newmark aka B.N. Klein was permitted to post something to the ultra-orthodox Catholic Witherspoon Institute's blog. Apparently (and I don't know for sure) her real name might be Brittany Newmark Klein (although Brittany is an unusual first name for a Jew). Today she writes as simply “B. Klein.” It's hard to take someone seriously – it's hard to believe anything they say – when they obfuscate their real identity. I use my middle name to remove any doubt. By the way, Ryan T. Anderson is supposed to edit this stuff. Hello!

Today's polemic is titled “Jews, Marriage, and Religious Freedom.” The correct title would be “Orthodox Jews, Marriage, and Religious Freedom.” Ms. Klein or whoever the hell she really is does not speak for the overwhelming majority of Jews. Agudath Israel of America, an orthodox Jewish organization primarily involved in running summer camps for orthodox Jewish children, did in fact file an amicus brief in Obergefell. On the whole, however, even the most orthodox Jews have been content to impose a ban on same-sex marriage exclusively on their adherents.

Klein's subtitle is actually correct:
The same traits and tendencies that make Orthodox Jews appear uninvolved in political battles have also helped them preserve the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
Orthodox Jews don't like same-sex marriage and they stay out of politics. God bless them. The rest of Klein's opus has very little to do with marriage and is quite dull from a writer with no credibility. She claims, for example, that the ACLU (while noting their involvement in Obergefell) is pursuing cases that would restrict the religious liberty of Orthodox Jews. She offers no evidence whatsoever. No cases. Zip.

We do get her bio brief at the end. How much of it is true is anyone's guess.
B. Klein was raised in New York and has lived in Israel, where much of her family still resides. She received her BA from SUNY Binghamton in rhetoric and her MFA in writing from the University of Virginia. She is currently on the board and the academic council of the International Children’s Rights Institute.
The International Children’s Rights Institute isn't international and it isn't an institute. It's pretty much just a website.

This operation was founded by the anti-gay crackpot Robert Oscar Lopez. I don't know if “Bobby” (this week) is claiming to be gay, bi, ex-gay or ex-bi. He is confused and confusing. In his spare time he writes erotic gay novels. Oy veh.

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