Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conservative Catholic site runs with "Is the Homosexual Tendency a Complex Reality?"

I will spare you the lengthy read at Crisis Magazine. According to John Collins, a superintendent of 15 Catholic schools for the diocese of Santa Rosa, California:
The homosexual inclination or tendency is “objectively disordered.” This pithy phrase helps us all (including the profession of psychology) to understand both the homosexual tendency and those in its grip. The Church simply and wisely declares that what is meant by “this inclination” (i.e., homosexual tendency) is “objectively disordered”—that is, out of alignment with the human being as made in God’s image. As is evident here, the Catechism provides an evaluation which is in keeping with the Church’s competency—received from Christ—to correctly estimate the phenomena of the world in light of the God-given order of creation. The Church’s evaluation here is rendered in the language of human wisdom, namely philosophy, which is the language that the Church has ever used to express its beliefs and teachings.
Collins has a PhD in Catholic school leadership — certainly not in psychology. Suffice it to say that the Church's “objectively disordered” nonsense doesn't help any professional psychologists in any way whatsoever. We are further informed that Collins is active as the coordinator for the Courage chapter in the Diocese of Santa Rosa. Courage employes 12-step pseudo-science to "treat" homosexuality as an addiction. According to this piece:
It seems from this statement that the Church is acknowledging a psychological cause for homosexuality. But this is only apparent, not real. As we have understood, what causes homosexual activity is temptation arising in the heart of man.
Collins has previously written The Church never demeans a person under the influence of homosexuality. I questioned him (nicely) about some of his assumptions in the "under the influence" post and received the oddest reply which consisted solely of highlighting my original email. I suspect that this guy is a piece of work. Were he not in a position to influence young people then he would be just another crackpot, not worthy of writing about. I wonder if parents know just how extreme this guy is. I may just find out.

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