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Making Mischief: Brown, Davis, Hart and Staver

Making Mischief
The idea that NOM was “instrumental in the release of Kim from jail” — I confess that I am at a loss for words.

Most of Tuesday (which felt like Monday) I worked on getting Princeton to do something about Robert P. George. Right or wrong, the approach is planned and deliberate. Just to put this in perspective, the $21 billion endowment provides nearly half ($700 million) of Princeton's operating budget. Tuition and research grants each generate about $300 million. It's a big operation. George, by the way, doesn't seem to be doing (publishing) any sponsored research which means that he is on the consumption side of the endowment. Nevertheless, this is a heavy lift over a long haul. The odds against success are considerable. That's what makes it interesting and worth doing.

Meanwhile Mat Staver;

head of the anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel sent out a press release late yesterday afternoon titled “Kim Davis Responds to Second Contempt Motion.” This was the motion to compel Davis to stop defacing and altering marriage licenses. In the alternative, counsel for the plaintiffs requested that the clerk's office be placed in receivership. My comments and the original motion, from September 22, are here. I have not read the reply brief. However, according to Staver:
On Tuesday Kim Davis filed a response to the Plaintiffs' motion to challenge the current status quo in Rowan County regarding the issuance of marriage licenses and needlessly create controversy while Davis's appeals are heard in the Sixth Circuit.
Davis is not doing what she is supposed to do the way that she is supposed to do it. Her appeals are irrelevant at this point. The intent is not to create controversy but to get this very sick woman to perform her duties. Staver wants to act as if a stay was in place. The Sixth Circuit denied a stay while the case was on appeal. By the way, the Sixth Circuit has already signaled that Davis's chances of prevailing on appeal are slim to none. In other words, this is bullshit.
"The Plaintiffs are showing their true colors in this latest filing. It has never really been about a marriage license-Rowan County has issued the licenses-it is about forcing their will on a Christian woman through contempt of court charges, jail, and monetary sanctions. Kim wouldn't give up the job she loves, so the Plaintiffs are asking the court to put the county office into receivership-removing Kim from doing her job," Staver pointed out.
Uh, Davis made this about marriage licenses when she prohibited others in her office from issuing them according to law. While it is true that Rowan County has now issued licenses it is likely that there will be more in the future. Whether or not that office goes into receivership is entirely up to Ms. Davis. Has she received enough attention to sate her personality disorder? I would remind Mr. Staver that gay citizens have a constitutional right to those marriage licenses. This is just more bullshit.
"The fact is the Plaintiffs already possess marriage licenses from Rowan County that have been approved as being valid by the Kentucky Governor and Kentucky Attorney General. Kim has taken all reasonable steps and good faith efforts to substantially comply with this Court's orders," Staver pointed out.
Actually that misstates the facts. The Kentucky AG said that the licenses issued by deputies while Davis was in the hoosegow would be valid in spite of the fact that she was not authorizing them. The defaced and altered licenses were issued after Davis was released. I am unaware of any opinions by the executive branch with regard to those. The notion that Ms. Davis is making a good faith effort to comply with the order of the Court is a pants-on-fire lie. In other words, this is just more bullshit.
"There is no cause for this Court to punish Davis with civil fines or take the extraordinary measure of annexing the Rowan County Clerk's Office through the intrusive remedy of a receivership. …
If Davis does not want her office to go into receivership then she should start by correcting the defaced licenses with the proper form and, in the future, comply with the order of the Court. Judge Bunning has failed to act as he should have. In other words, well … you know the rest.

Kim Davis glows when she is at the center of attention

Not to be outdone, Brian Brown;

is pimping Kim Davis again. Shortly after Liberty Counsel's press release it was Brian Brown's turn as the head of National Organization for Marriage. The title of Brown's missive is “The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph....” It's from “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” which is usually attributed (as NOM does) to Edmund Burke. Needless to say, Brown believes that he is one of the good men because he is a fundamentalist Catholic. I am evil because I am gay (the Church calls it “objectively disordered”). Brown goes on:
Where are today's good men and women in the midst of the assaults on marriage, family and religious freedom? One is in Kentucky.

After spending six days in jail Kim Davis was released. Although we don't know what will happen next — it is a great victory for the truth of marriage! Her fight still continues and the attacks against her are not slowing down. She has become a beacon of hope!
I did not know that obstructing the constitutional rights of a minority made someone good. I certainly have no idea how any of the events in Rowan County are a “great victory” for Mr. Brown and his minions. As for being a “beacon of hope,” I am dumbfounded. Aside from creating considerable taxpayer expense and fund raising for Liberty Counsel, the only thing that Kim Davis has accomplished is to garner attention — and that is what this has been about all along. This awful woman wants to feel important. “Look at me — look at me!”

Brian Brown gets right to the point and follows with this verbiage:
Your gift today, of $25, $50 or even $100, to help defend religious liberty will be matched by a generous donor that is passionate about NOM's work.

The saga of Kim Davis got international news coverage, putting the illegitimate US Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage before millions of people. It was because of her Christian faith that Kim could not abide the Court's sham ruling which purports to force her to sanction as "marriage" a same-sex union in violation of what the Bible says, and in that regard she represents millions of us.
Give money to NOM because …? Mr. Brown? The rest is just the usual nonsense. A ruling by the Supreme Court is legitimate per se. Nobody asked Davis to “sanction” anything. Again it's like suggesting that Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew sanctions every purchase made with currency that he has signed. Brown goes on and on, begging for money with every other paragraph. According to Brown:
  • We sent over one million emails to supporters around the country asking for their support and prayers.
  • We helped turn out thousands of people in Kentucky to support Kim Davis and protest what is nothing short of Christian persecution.
  • We worked closely with Governor Mike Huckabee to bring national attention to the clear bias and injustice taking place in Kentucky.
  • We helped mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to sign petitions like the one NOM launched demanding that Kim be freed and that religious liberty be protected.
  • We were able to overcome the odds and be instrumental in the release of Kim from jail; something none of us felt could happen so quickly!
  • Working with an allied organization, we were also able to raise over $7,000 for Kim and her family who have faced a very tough time.
In other words they sent out some email. What did that cost. The rest is just projection. The idea that NOM was “instrumental in the release of Kim from jail” — I confess that I am at a loss for words. Suffice it to say that NOM had absolutely nothing to do with Judge Bunning's decision. NOM will have nothing to do with Judge Bunning's decisions in the future.

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