Saturday, October 17, 2015

Memories of Memories Pizza - if they insist

Travis Weber
Travis Weber - Family Research Council
Victimology. On Friday Travis Weber from Family Research Council posted a piece to Heritage Foundation's news blog. It is titled “How the Indiana Pizza Shop Responded After Being Tricked Into ‘Catering’ a Gay Wedding.” Nobody gives a flying fuck. At least nobody should. This is just grist for the mill for the anti-gay hate group that is Mr. Weber's employer.

You probably recall that one of the owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana said that he would not cater a gay wedding. This was during the upheaval over Indiana's proposed right-to-discriminate law. Recently someone claimed to have caused the shop to inadvertently cater a gay wedding through take-out.

As Mr. Weber notes one of the owners, Kevin O'Connor, was indifferent.

However, Weber fails to mention what really got people a bit annoyed:

According to the Washington Post, attributing the following to the same Kevin O'Connor:
“That lifestyle is something they choose,” he said. “I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”  
What that means is that Mr. O'Connor is an imbecile. We should not be the least interested in anything that he has to say. The only reason that I am taking the time is to remind people – not that he would not cater a hypothetical gay wedding – but the real problem was O'Connor's bigotry and stupidity.

Weber is interested in what O'Connor has to say because he seeks to sustain a controversy over religious liberty which is really no controversy at all since the pizza place did not refuse service to anyone and has not been sanctioned. Like heartburn from bad pizza, there is plenty more of this to come.

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