Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Al Mohler cannot get past marriage equality

Albert Mohler, Jr.
Tuesday Al Mohler, influential Christian and president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offers a lengthy polemic at Religion News Service titled “Have Americans really changed their minds on same-sex marriage?” The core argument seems to be this:
I suspect that the support for same-sex marriage is evidence of what millions of Americans think they are supposed to say, rather than what they really believe. At the very least, their support for same-sex marriage is inconsistent and shallow.

And I suspect that it is irrelevant. Unless Mr. Mohler can come up with 38 states to ratify a constitutional amendment, marriage equality is the law of the land.

Mohler goes on to say that studies prove that boys, in particular, suffer without a father. That too is irrelevant but I'll take the bait. What Mohler is really voicing is a supposition that lesbian couples will raise more children who are the product of reproduction technology now that they can marry. He then further supposes that boys raised by lesbians will be disadvantaged. Those studies that Mohler is relying upon are of children raised in single parent homes. The studies do not include and compare children raised by two stable gay parents.

When studies actually do evaluate the development, happiness and security of children raised by gay couples they demonstrate that there is no difference. Mohler is intentionally comparing apples and oranges.

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