Monday, November 2, 2015

Alternate realities

Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz
Sunday evening Robert Knight writes in the conservative (Moonie owned) Washington Times “Restoring the natural family.” Knight offers comments on events from the World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City. Knight observes:
Among the speakers were Rafael Cruz, an evangelical pastor and father of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who got a standing ovation for pledging civil disobedience over the Supreme Court’s June ruling declaring a new right to same-sex “marriage.”
Neither Knight nor Cruz bother to explain exactly what law or laws Cruz intends to disobey, civilly or otherwise. If Knight is to be believed, Cruz received a standing ovation so apparently the details do not matter. It is sufficient to express some form of “resistance” to marriage equality to get a rise out of that crowd. The alternate reality is a collective phenomenon.

Knight then notes:
Family Research Council Legal Advisor Cathy Ruse predicted the Court’s ruling would eventually give way to the common-sense notions that marriage will always be the union of male and female and that children need a mother and father. She noted that more than 50 million Americans in 31 states voted to protect marriage in their laws, and that of the 293 countries in the United Nations, only 20 have changed the definition of marriage, with two of the largest, Brazil and the United States, doing so via court rulings, not popular vote.
Cathy Ruse, employed by hate group Family Research Council, is the wife of Austin Ruse who runs the hate group C-Fam. Ruse is arguing the reverse of factual experience. Prior to Obergefell in states that recognized same-sex marriage approval increased with time. The reason is simple. No one's traditional marriage has ever been threatened or affected. Let's go to the heartland. Same-sex marriage has been a reality in Iowa for more than six years. Has there ever been a serious effort to reverse equality?

The fact that citizens approved state marriage bans (mostly in 2004 through 2006) is irrelevant. The Supreme Court has ruled that those bans are unconstitutional. Gay couples have a constitutional right to marry. It is the job of the judiciary to protect the rights of minorities regardless of their popularity one way or the other. The fact that most countries do not recognize same-sex marriages is equally irrelevant. Many of those countries do not recognize the rights of women or Christians either. So what's the point? Apparently the point is to define an existence based on wishful thinking. Subscribing to the alternate reality is better than Prozac for feel-good moments.

Later on Knight notes:
Family historian and founder of the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society Allan Carlson sounded a positive note when he said that societal support for marriage and families in the United States has been cyclical, with decades of decline followed by restoration. America’s current crisis, marked by easy divorce, abortion, an explosion of pornography, the advance of “alternative families” and an avalanche of destructive outcomes, may have run its course.
The World Congress of Families is a project of the Howard Center which is yet another certified anti-gay hate group. Those “alternative families” that Carlson refers to are gay couples and their children. Carlson is essentially saying that this is a phase and it too shall pass. That all seems highly unlikely.

However, sponsoring the alternate reality has a more sinister purpose. The Howard Center and its “Congress” events are primarily focused on promoting its anti-choice, anti-gay agenda abroad. The 50 or so countries that make up the Muslim world are already there. Given their lack of success in the United States, WCF must alter reality to export their agenda to Eastern Europe and Africa.

Robert Knight does not get that. He is content to endorse an alternate reality for this country that conforms to his conservative Christian world view. Reality becomes irrelevant.

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