Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Brian Brown will claim that NOM was instrumental in any election success

Brian S. Brown

Tuesday, National Organization for Marriage has weighed in on three electoral contests. If any of them go NOM's way, Brian Brown, NOM's president, will take all the credit. After all, he did send out an email. If they don't go as Brown would like, we'll never hear about them again.

Brown took to the organization's blog with “Will Houston Voters be Truly Heroic and Stand Against 'HERO'?” The usual bigoted rhetoric follows (NOM really does deserve the “hate group” designation):

In Houston, voters have the rare opportunity to overturn an act of their City Council thanks to a referendum that local citizens qualified to the ballot. The grossly-misnamed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance would give the LGBT community special legal rights including the ability for men to use restrooms and showers reserved for women simply by claiming a "gender identity" of the opposite sex.
Jazz Jennings
They would send Jazz Jennings to the men's room
We have returned to seeing nondiscrimination characterized as a “special right.” Moreover, nobody is “simply claiming a 'gender identity.'” It is a preposterous notion but Brown is a true believer and this description conforms to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Basically, transgender people do not exist.

Brown is also commenting on the elections in Kentucky:
Meanwhile in Kentucky, two important statewide races are on the ballot. NOM has endorsed Matt Bevin in his race for Governor of Kentucky. Bevin is running for this open seat to replace Gov. Steve Beshear against the incumbent state Attorney General, Jack Conway. Conway is one of the people most responsible for marriage being redefined in Kentucky because he refused to mount a defense of Kentucky's state marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. He betrayed the 75% of Kentucky voters who approved marriage.
NOM endorsed a gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky? Who knew? And an attorney general candidate as well:
Meanwhile, Beshear's son, Andy Beshear, is running for Attorney General to replace Conway. The younger Beshear has defended the decision of his father to abandon marriage and force local officials like Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples that violate the state constitution. His refusal to grant them a reasonable accommodation is what landed Kim Davis in jail. NOM has endorsed Whitney Westerfield for Attorney General because he's stood strong for marriage and is determined to protect the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters.
Do the candidates even know of NOM's approval? Does it matter?

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