Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christians amusingly reverse engineer HRC's Corporate Equality Index

Little wonder that conservative Christians are so miserable and pissed off all of the time. The world just isn't very compatible with their orthodoxy.

The Faith Drive Consumer has reconstructed HRC's Corporate Equality Index in order to “accurately” appraise the companies that their adherents deal with. The whole thing is really quite silly given that under federal law employment protections have extended to religion since the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed by LBJ. The criteria is even sillier. It emanates from the HRC project and essentially expects companies to treat conservative Christians as a minority. For example:
Actions that demonstrate an acknowledgement <sic> of, respect for and compatibility with biblically orthodox teachings on core issues of importance to Faith Driven Consumers, including [and I am just selecting one]:
  • Respect for, acknowledgement <sic> of, and compatibility with biblical teaching on sexuality, gender, marriage and family – either by supporting these positions publicly, financially or with in-kind resources equal, at minimum, to support given alternative positions, or remaining silent and neutral on these issues.
Who the fuck is going to do that? They also expect; “Targeted recruiting efforts for both faith-driven employees and suppliers.” What on earth for? Is this some sort of Christian Affirmative Action? Get a grip!

The result is that these folks have some hard choices to make. For example when it comes to wireless carriers the best performer is Sprint which only scores 25% which I guess is better than AT&T's 17%. How utterly depressing it must be. It gets even funnier because they show the ratings from other groups.

Marriot, for example, scores a measly 27 out of 100. HRC gives them 100 (which I suspect is an automatic deduction). Black Enterprise has them in the top 40. The Hispanic Association gives them 80/100 and Diversity Inc. has them 13th in the top 50. In other words, the real minority groups recognize Marriot for its commitment to diversity. This, in turn, upsets the Christians who are in the majority. Oh, please pass the Prozac.

Computers are another problem. Apple and Microsoft both get a single star for their 17/100 ratings. Face it. These are not Linux folks. By the way, does Tony Perkins have an iPhone? None of these companies score very well because the criteria is absurd because the whole idea is idiotic to begin with and it was executed by profoundly unimaginative people.

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