Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HERO was defeated by only 16% of registered voters

Source: Harris County Clerk
Let Houston be instructive. The headlines report a 60% - 40% rout for Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). Yet only about 16% of registered voters were required to defeat the measure. The result is in contrast to polls showing that opponents had a slight edge going into yesterday's voting.

Sure, we were victimized by a right wing Texas Supreme Court which overrode a lower court and required the ordinance to be submitted to the electorate. Furthermore, our opponents lied — framing an anti-discrimination ordinance as a “bathroom bill.” So what else is new?

The simple fact is that equality opponents were more successful at getting people to the polls in an off-year election. Many of those people were convinced that they were doing God's work. It appears that the electorate does not understand what transgender means and the Christian right was all too ready and willing to mislead them. In point of fact, our side ran an ineffective campaign (the result is what it is). I am not criticizing those folks from the sidelines which is all too easy to do. Not at all. I am simply suggesting that the starting points are first accepting the fact that the campaign failed and then questioning what could have been done differently.

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