Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Missouri newspaper rejects same-sex marriage announcement

Shaun Murphy (left) and Aaron Lopez
Lakeway Publishers, based in Tennessee, is actively, and shamelessly, discriminating against gay couples. Riverfront Times reports: Shaun Murphy and Aaron Lopez were still basking in the glow of their September wedding when they decided to send out marriage announcements. They contacted newspapers in the small Michigan town where Lopez grew up and ones in Iowa, where Murphy lived until he was in fourth grade. No trouble whatsoever.

Then Murphy contacted the Lake Gazette in Monroe City, Missouri, where he'd moved as a fourth grader and lived in during high school.

After “three weeks of 'maybe we will, maybe we won't'” Murphy reached out to the newspaper's parent company, Lakeway Publishers. There he connected to a vice president who identified himself as Walt Gilbert.

Gilbert told Murphy “we're not going to publish your wedding announcement.” The newspaper chain, Gilbert said, was studying “how the industry was going to respond to this” — “this” presumably being same-sex marriage. Then he got off the phone.
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Walt Gilbert
Walt Gilbert is vice president of Lakeway Publishers of Missouri.  Mr. Gilbert is just a coward unwilling to state the truth. What the industry does is irrelevant. A “study” means that the company is doing nothing. It is apparently the policy of Lakeway Publishers to treat gays as second-class citizens. It is just old fashioned Bible Belt bigotry.

R. Jack
Lakeway Publishers is headquartered in Morristown, Tennessee. According to its president, R. Jack Fishman, “Lakeway publishes 28 newspapers (one daily and 27 weekly’s); 5 magazines; 4 shoppers; and operates 4 printing plants and a computer service company. In addition, over 40 websites provide digital data over the internet both in desktop and tablet format.” This seems to be a family business where management profiles include church affiliation.

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