Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh, Poor Bobby

Robert Oscar Lopez

You know that list of victims of the homosexual agenda? Two bakers, a florist, a caterer, that guy from Mozilla and that county clerk? Most of them were supposed to stop gay marriage in its tracks. Now they are used in an attempt to stop non-discrimination laws. The Christian right schlep these narcissistic people from event to event for an anti-gay pity party.

If they have their way Robert Oscar Lopez will be added to that list. According to the Heritage Foundation blog, Daily Signal, in post titled “Public University Joins LGBT Radicals in Targeting Professor Who Thinks Kids Should Have Mom, Dad:”
Kim Davis. Aaron and Melissa Klein. Baronelle Stutzman. Robert Oscar Lopez?

For many conservatives, the first four names—Americans who have faced state-sanctioned discrimination for trying to live in accordance with their religious beliefs about marriage–bring strong opinions about America’s deteriorating state of religious liberty.

However, it is Lopez who may be America’s most persecuted pro-family advocate–even as some pro-family and conservative leaders have declined to take up his cause.
Lopez is an anti-gay crackpot who likes to compare gay parents to slaveholders. As I wrote about last Monday, November 9, towards the end of last year Lopez scrubbed the Internet of some of his most extreme anti-gay views, apparently realizing that he was jeopardizing his job as a professor at Cal State Northridge. As GLAAD noted last December:
After posting and then promptly deleting an article in which he basically blamed his own students for having opinions about his extreme rhetoric, Mr. Lopez went into deep self-preservation mode. He locked down his website, locked down some of his old web comments (and retroactively changed his Disqus user handle to "Coco"), and essentially scrubbed the internet of some of his worst stuff.
After a nine month investigation, Lopez is appealing a finding by school officials that he retaliated against students who complained of anti-gay and anti-women discrimination after they voluntarily attended an event concerning family issues at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for class credit. I suspect that those students were misled about what they would be attending. Just about any group can rent the Reagan Library.

That event was the first annual conference of his organization, the International Childrens <sic> Rights Institute. Its board includes a couple of well known crazies; B.N. Klein aka Brittany Newmark aka Rivka Edelman and Dawn Stefanowicz. ICRI is little more than a website (it doesn't seem to be a 501(c)3). Lopez has scrubbed that site as well. Links to Our Vision, Blog, Featured Articles and Official Statements have been rerouted to the Executive Board. In fact, the "Donate Now" link has also been neutered. Some content is available from the home page but Lopez' articles have been deleted. Suffice it to say that the only thing that these folks are interested in is preventing gays from raising children.

It is worth noting that the Heritage article was written by Dustin Siggins. In addition to working for Lifesite News Higgins discloses that he has done some pro bono PR work for Lopez. Lifesite is an extreme orthodox Catholic site. Every day they publish misleading information about LGBT people, abortion (which causes breast cancer according to them) and contraception.

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