Friday, November 13, 2015

The movable hate fest travels to South Carolina tomorrow with Ted Cruz

On Saturday Bob Jones University will host “South Carolina Rally for Religious Liberty with Senator Ted Cruz.” According to sponsors:
The Rally for Religious Liberty will call attention to recent acts of government-sanctioned religious persecution against Americans of faith, and in particular recent attacks against evangelical Christians.
Translation: People seeking to transform Free Exercise into religious privilege to discriminate against gay people.
Participating in the Rally for Religious Liberty will be Sen. Ted Cruz, Pastor Rafael Cruz, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Jason and David Benham, E.W. Jackson, Dr. Michael Brown, Vince Coakley, Kelly Shackelford, Coach Joe Kennedy, Pastor David Welch, Dick and Betty Odgaard and Angela Hildenbrand.
According to an email from Perkins, Steve Deace will also be a participant. You know many of these folks already. Filling in some possible blanks in this whiny group of losers:
  • Vince Coakley is an Evangelical radio talk show host from Charlotte who ran for Congress in 2014. He got creamed getting only about 25% of the vote.
  • Coach Joe Kennedy is the Bremerton, Washington high school football coach who insists on praying on the field and giving religious oriented pep talks to his team in spite of orders from the school district not to engage in either practice which, by the way, is unconstitutional.
  • Pastor David Welch is an anti-gay extremist (gays are “a morally deprived special interest group”) who was one of the organizers of the opposition to Houston's non-discrimination ordinance.
  • The Odgaards closed their Iowa catering establishment rather than serve gays and they are the source of anti-gay billboards.
  • Angela Hildenbrand defied a federal court order as a Texas high school valedictorian and led prayer at her graduation. She doesn't seem to have done anything notable since. BTW, the Supreme Court settled this issue in 2000 (Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe). Student led prayer is impermissible.

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