Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today in superstition: Christians damned by image of Hindu god Kali

According to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn we have witnessed the “third abomination.” Cahn, by the way, is a Christian convert. A Christian rabbi seems oxymoronic. I'm not sure what the third abomination is but it can't be good. It seems that a light show on the Empire State Building last August (to spread awareness of endangered species) included the image of Kali who is the personification of time and death.

According to the ever entertaining Charisma News:
Jim Bakker is quick to point out that having Jesus on the building would have been illegal, but the image of Kali appears to be perfectly acceptable by American standards.

Cahn sees the parallels to the last days of Israel, when the true God was made illegal.
Mr. Bakker (you remember him) is incorrect unless the Empire State Building is no longer privately owned and operated. As for Mr. Cahn, well … And the GOP takes these people seriously.

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