Tuesday, December 1, 2015

AFA wants donors to pay for their year-end report

Based in Tupelo, Mississippi, American Family Association is an anti-gay hate group. Its president, Tim Wildmon, is the idiot son of founder (and now retired) Don Wildmon. In addition to being homophobic Don is an anti-Semitic prick. Somewhere in his closet is probably a sheet with eye-holes. Neither of these people have reined in their odious mouthpiece, Brian Fischer.

AFA has released its year-end report. According to Tim:
For two reasons I've titled our 2015 year-end report "One Thing Never Changes." I hope you will take a few moments to read the report.
  • First, to remind you that no matter what changes come to our nation, God is changeless and by His grace, AFA will continue to stand firm on His Word.
  • And second, as a way of reporting to you what our work together is accomplishing. In that sense, this year-end report is a tribute to our faithful God and to you!
You can read the rest of Tim's letter but that's as far as you get. You cannot read the report without a donation. Were it through Pay-Pal I might give them a buck. Imagine the snarky fun I could have. It seems, however, that I am giving my information directly to AFA. I choose not to.

The one thing that never changes is the abject animosity of the  anti-LGBT actions and holdings of this group.

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