Wednesday, December 2, 2015

After a homosexual "marriage" citizens turn into flesh eating zombies

The zombie motif is missing from Brian Brown's rhetoric — for now. Nevertheless, that is about all the restraint that he is capable of demonstrating as he fights to keep his job with his insolvent organization. “Homosexuals eat your cars and children” is not far off.

In an email to supporters and a corresponding blog post, Brown attempts to advance the theory that National Organization for Marriage is some sort of game changer in the 2016 presidential race. All this because NOM was a co-sponsor of the Iowa Family Forum which was organized by the state's largest conservative Christian group, the Family Leader. NOM was one of five co-sponsors of the lightly attended event that was described by observers as “small group Bible study.” It's the rhetoric that continues to impress me:

… predictably the news stories did not cover the extent to which the candidates discussed contesting the anti-constitutional and unjust ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage.

Calm down Mr. Brown. The Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of what is, and what is not, constitutional. That is their job. Neither Brian Brown nor the Catholic Church are supposed to have a say beyond what they can express in numerous friend of the court briefs. “Unjust” usually means unfair. Exactly who has been treated unfairly? The only thing that has happened is that U.S. law is now inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage (as it is in many other countries). The Court held that what was unjust were state bans on same-sex marriage.
Our co-sponsorship of this forum is a very good example of the work we undertake — sometimes quietly behind the scenes and sometimes publicly — as America's only organization exclusively dedicated to marriage and religious liberty, and the faith communities that sustain them.
Were that true (it is not), so what? NOM may merely be akin to the nation's last spats manufacturer.
NOM intends to bring public attention to the presidential candidates' views on marriage. A number of leading candidates have signed our pledge, while others have tragically surrendered the fight in the face of the US Supreme Court's illegitimate ruling with the lame excuse that “the Court has spoken." Yes, they spoke, but theirs is not the last word. The American people are entitled to the last word on marriage, not five unelected judges.
“Illegitimate ruling?” Is it unauthorized? We empower the Supreme Court to make these rulings. Against the law? Please. Furthermore, there have been 3,294 federal judges including the 112 jurists who have served on the Supreme Court. None of these have been elected. That is a benefit, not a detriment. Every decision by every “unelected” federal judge has had a losing side. Mr. Brown knows this all too well since NOM has been on the losing end of countless judicial decisions. It never seems to occur to Mr. Brown that he might be the one who is out of step.

Mr. Brown is correct about one thing. The American people do have the last word. That is why we empower the people to amend the United States Constitution. This would require two-thirds majorities of both houses of Congress and then the ratification by at least 38 states. None of those thresholds can be breached, let alone all three. Constitutional convention alternative? That requires the approval of 38 state legislatures. It is worth noting that each of the 27 amendments has had nearly, or fully, unanimous support by the states.
We are putting the finishing touches on our plans for 2016, and they are robust. We intend to help elect a pro-marriage champion as president, fight for the passage of the First Amendment Defense Act at the state and federal levels, engage Americans at the grassroots level in support of marriage, highlight cases where Americans have been harassed or victimized for standing for marriage and aggressively advance the truth of marriage in the public square and its importance for children and families.

Quite an agenda. The truth is that NOM has accomplished nothing over the last seven years. In 2014 only one $2.2 million donor kept NOM from turning the lights out. NOM is comprised of the same group of incompetents that they have had all along. There are just fewer of them. Desperate people using desperate rhetoric.

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