Thursday, December 17, 2015

Brian Brown figures that he will get more donations by asking supporters to listen to his 'voice mail'

Thursday, Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage has reiterated the organization's five-point plan for imposing the teachings of the Catholic Church on public policy. NOM has previously provided the plan as:

  1. Electing a Pro-Marriage Republican as President of the United States
  2. Holding the GOP Accountable
  3. Enacting the First Amendment Defense Act to protect the right of supporters of marriage to live their beliefs in the public square
  4. Build the grassroots through education and engagement, helping to rebuild a thriving marriage culture
  5. Lend support to other efforts to amend the constitution to repeal this decision
The “voice mail” message requires supporters to visit NOM's web site. There Brian Brown provides an audio message repeating the five points. He is more explicit with the claim that electing a conservative president who nominates conservative justices will result in overturning the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. It won't.

Points two through four are meaningless. NOM hasn't the clout to hold anyone accountable, the First Amendment Defense Act has limited support in Congress and item four makes no sense.

I don't know if Brown (and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) actually believe that they can orchestrate a constitutional amendment. Even in the House of Representatives they do not have the two-thirds majority required. Nor do they have 38 states that would ratify such a change. Not by a long shot. It's just delusional to think that this is going to happen.

Eventually this will come to an abrupt end. At some point donors must conclude that their money is wasted. On that note, I am still looking for the single donor who bailed NOM out in 2014 with $2.2 million. What on earth was he thinking?

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