Monday, December 7, 2015

California's bathroom patrol is at it again

In 2013 Sean Fieler financed most of a misadventure to get a measure on the California ballot in 2014 to repeal AB1266, a transgender protection act that became effective January 1, 2014. Amanson kicked in another $50,000 to the Christian group, Privacy for All Students. They failed to get enough petition signatures in spite of raising over $300,000 to finance their bigotry. Were they successful, Frank Schubert, political consultant to National Organization for Marriage, had signed on to run the ballot campaign.

The operation had about $1,800 leftover and they have since raised another $45,000; $25K came from Pacific Justice Institute and another $20K came from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. They have another week to obtain a total of 365,880 signatures. I have no idea how many they already have but I suspect that it's not very promising.

Some of the written diatribes demonstrate just how whacked out these people are over a handful of transgender kids. One thing that they have failed to mention. AB1266 has been in effect for nearly two years. Has the act caused any problems?

This from their supporter, Bob Unruh at WND which they have reproduced on their website:
It started getting public attention as a movement in California a number of years ago, where activists all of a sudden demanded “respect” for homosexuals and transgenders in public schools and progressives in the West Coast state responded with a law that banned negative portrayals of those alternative sexual lifestyle choices.

Then activists moved forward to demand that school children celebrate such lifestyles, and again a law followed ordering the memorialization of Harvey Milk, a homosexual activist and politician whose biography described how he preyed on young boys.

Then students were being called “transgender” and they had to be allowed, activists demanded, to use the restrooms and locker rooms that corresponded with the sex they perceived themselves to be, and California accommodated them with a law.
From there, Unruh goes into a rant about Houston. We know Bob. It's all one big national conspiracy. We're having a party and you are not invited.

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