Monday, December 14, 2015

Making the rounds: The transgender woman who wants to be a six-year-old

Stefonknee Wolschtt
The usual Christianist suspects will seize on anything that they believe disparages LGBT people. This all started at the Independent which is a reputable UK outlet. Shame on them. Apparently a 46-year-old transgender woman has decided that she wants to live as a six-year-old. She even has an adopted family.

I think that this is a stunt. If not this woman has a serious mental disorder. She is no more representative of the transgender community than the San Bernardino shooters are representative of cisgender people.

If this is for real then the woman is being exploited and further damaged. She has become an object of ridicule at several right wing outlets, from Info Wars to the slightly more respectable First Things and many in between. This is an effort to ridicule transgender citizens. Those who are convinced, usually for religious reasons, that transgender people are just confused will be further convinced as a result of this slime. These good Christians don't really care about the collateral damage that they cause.

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