Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mr. Anderson explains why gay rights are "special rights"

Ryan T. Anderson

Some will give Ryan T. Anderson credit for having the guts to bring his anti-gay discrimination show to the Atlantic LGBT Summit. It's not courage that brought him to the summit today. It is the conviction that he is right about everything because his religion defines what is absolute truth. I am offended that he was given this opportunity to express his bigotry as much as I am offended by the bigotry itself.

It shall set you free. Anderson is polite and doesn't appear to be a raving lunatic.

Appearance is deceptive. Underneath it all the basis for Anderson's call for discrimination is the idea that LGBT people should not be a protected class which he described as “special rights” — politely. That is what he said — politely. Therefore it is acceptable for the florist and the baker to deny service to LGBT citizens which means that those citizens have to shop around for who is willing to take their money.

The reason that Anderson doesn't get it is because he is of the opinion that homosexuality is a choice. He does not believe that such a thing as sexual orientation even exists. In his world it is reduced to “same-sex attraction” which is kind of like a predisposition to alcoholism.

Sexual orientation and sexual identity do exist. Neither are choices. There is no polite way to assert that LGBT people are second class citizens. We do not accept that proposition. Our allies do not accept that proposition.

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