Tuesday, December 22, 2015

NOM seems an unlikely global power

National Organization for Marriage sent out an email to supporters yesterday with the modest subject “Global News: Great News in Slovenia, Action Needed in Bermuda.” According to our friend, Brian S. Brown:
I am happy to report that Slovenia voted by over 63 percent on Sunday to reject so-called same-sex "marriage." … As occurred to our coalition in Washington, DC and elsewhere, the government claimed that the people had no right to vote on the question because it was about protected "civil rights." Talk about begging the question!

Brian Brown, master of circular reasoning, is calling out the government of Slovenia for “begging the question” by claiming that its citizens did not have the right to vote on marriage — subsequent to a referendum by the electorate. Brown is still whining about the inability of US citizens to vote on our civil rights.

Presumably Brown would like people to infer that NOM had something to do with events in Slovenia where 58% of the population is Roman Catholic. The reason that Slovenians do not have marriage equality is the direct intervention of its Catholic Bishops who backed a conservative citizens group which probably spread the same lies and fears that once succeeded in this country.

Then it's on to Bermuda and Brian needs your help.
If you have friends or family that are residents or citizens of Bermuda please send them this email. Please ask them to forward to their friends and family.

Please ask everyone in Bermuda to contact Premier Michael Dunkley and Senator Michael Fahey and urge them to oppose same-sex unions and support the people's right to vote by clicking here.
“Here” no longer goes there (I whacked the link). “There” is a petition on Brian Brown's other enterprise, ActRight. This is based on a rumor “that the government of Bermuda is looking at creating same-sex civil unions — without letting the people have a say.” Should Bermuda not move towards civil unions then NOM and Mr. Brown will surely take credit.

Instead of focusing on defining a mission Brown is just flailing away at trying to find a reason to exist. We are about six months since the ruling in Obergefell and we haven't been wiped out by a tidal wave. Brown still cannot find a coherent reason why gays should not be permitted to marry. His reason is that it is against the teachings of the Catholic Church. That might fly in Slovenia but elsewhere it's a dud. In any event, in this country the issue is settled.

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