Wednesday, January 6, 2016

AFA refers to man's husband as "male wife"

American Family Association, an anti-gay hate group, is offended that two men adopted a little girl. They are even more offended that Allstate Insurance has produced a video of the two men and their child. That is why on Tuesday AFA sent out an email to supporters titled “Allstate promoting a lifestyle that puts children at risk.

According to the email:

With one man's arm around his male "wife," one of them says about the child, "The second we held her, we knew that she was ours."

"We're her dads," he exclaims.
“Male wife?” Even for AFA that is over the top hate. If there is a lifestyle being depicted in this video it is of loving parents. Some of AFA's “spare the rod …” Bible thumpers might do well to reflect on that theme. I cannot begin to fathom the damage that one of those morons does if they should have a gay child. They raise enough idiots devoid of intellectual curiosity.

Bill Wildmon, AFA's president and author of the email, continues:
The Allstate promotion does not share the reality that this child will grow up without the nurture that only a mother can provide. Nor does Allstate recognize the emotional trauma and questions this child will endure growing up in a home with two men.

Studies predominantly show that children raised in homosexual environments tend to struggle emotionally more than their peers, are highly more susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse, and often suffer severe depression as young adults.
There is a link in there to a convoluted analysis by Peter Sprigg, of Family Research Council (another anti-gay hate group), of Mark Regnerus' thoroughly discredited research paid for, designed by, and on behalf of the right wing Witherspoon Institute. Suffice it to say Regnerus never studied children raised by gay couples. The published and peer reviewed scholarly research of children raised by gay couples overwhelmingly confirms what we have known all along; It's the quality of the parenting and not the gender of the parents that matters.
God has ordained that a traditional mother and father are the best for raising children. Allstate has abandoned God's design for the family, and thus promotes a lifestyle that is not good for children.
Well, that settles it. After all, who wouldn't want public policy to reflect what AFA surmises about the edicts of their deity?

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