Thursday, January 7, 2016

Brian Brown in "Let's Pretend" mode

Roy Moore's little attention getter (and that's all it is) seems to have energized Brian Brown a tad. Brown is in “let's pretend” glory believing that states can actually nullify same-sex marriage. Brown is out with “NOM Hits the Airwaves in Response to Alabama Decision.

Brown highlights an interview with Megyn Kelly who is an attorney. Brown crazily asserted that state governments shouldn’t “kowtow to the Court or else we don’t have a democracy anymore,” Kelly finally couldn't take it anymore and interrupted him to explain.

“Kowtow? The Supreme Court has the final say on what the law is, that was established long ago in Marbury v. Madison.” Kelly tried to explain that we would have chaos if each state decided which Supreme Court rulings they would adhere to. Brown interrupts with more gibberish comparing anti-gay activists to anti-slavery activists because they are so similar. Right? Watch for Kelly's eye-roll.

Getting back to his blog post, it is obvious from Brown does not understand what Kelly was trying to explain:
The US Supreme Court decision in Obergefell was anti-constitutional and illegitimate. They invented a right to same-sex 'marriage' out of thin air. There is nothing in our nation's laws, history or constitution that requires states to redefine marriage. The Supreme Court does not have the power to force the other branches of government to act, nor do they have the power to create positive law.
The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what is, or is not, constitutional. Essentially Brian Brown is claiming that a decision is “illegitimate” because the Catholic Church doesn't like it. The rest of the paragraph is pure batshit with neither logic nor foundation. As I said, Brown is in let's pretend mode.

Skipping over a bushel of bullshit I love this bit of narcissism:
I've been encouraged by some of the positive emails I received from NOM members right after I appeared on Megyn Kelly's show. One person wrote, "I wanted to compliment Mr. Brown regarding his appearance last night on the 'Kelly File'. What a strong commanding performance. Not an easy thing to accomplish as he was facing such a formidable presence in Megyn. He poignantly addressed her opposition with such skill & panache."
“Skill and panache.” Sure. The conclusion is just delusional:
The US Supreme Court did not settle the issue of marriage. This decision remains up to the people of America, acting through their elected officials.
So sayeth Roy Moore and Judge Brian Brown. Oh boy. When this finally sinks in Brown will be in full tin foil helmet territory.

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