Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brown: "Why won't gay activists debate?"

I don't like to write about Michael Brown. He is a Jewish convert to ultra-conservative Christianity and a seemingly unbalanced crackpot. I am generally opposed to entertaining someone's personality disorder. For some reason Brown is obsessed with gay people. Apparently some Christians on the Faroe Islands invited him with the intent of having him debate some gay folks about same-sex marriage — something that their parliament is currently considering. Brown keeps whining that nobody will debate him. For context, as Wikipedia notes, the Islands are an antonymous country within the Danish Kingdom with a population of about 50 thousand. According to Brown:

The organizers of the debate extended invitations to the 14 Parliamentary members who were known to be in favor of redefining marriage. The head of the nation's LGBT organization was also invited to debate me.
Only two Parliamentary members accepted the invitation. All the others declined, as did the head of the LGBT group.

Unfortunately, just a few days before the debate, the two women who agreed to debate me dropped out, so I ended up delivering a lecture on the subject, followed by an interview with a local journalist, then audience Q&A.
I can think of a number of reason why nobody is willing to debate Brown:
  1. He is a foreign presence and he does not speak the local language.
  2. Why dignify a crackpot? A quick Google search will reveal that he has said marriage for gay couples is of the Devil: “Yes, the battle lines have been drawn, the enemy is taking ground, and many of us hardly realize that the war is on. The devil is moving forward with energy and aggression. What in the world are we doing?” And that's just for starters.
  3. Brown lacks erudition with respect to anything having to do with gay people. He is not a social scientist. Just a Christian who does not approve of gays.
  4. The simple truth is that in his home country same-sex marriage has taken place without consequences. Were he truthful he wouldn't be there. 
  5. What is there to debate with Brown? At best he is limited to hypothetical and abstract reasoning regarding same-sex marriage.
I am sure that some of my readers can come up with other reasons. My father used to say that it is pointless to argue with imbeciles. You cannot win. Brown is arguably a smart guy with a PhD. However, when it comes to LGBT matters he is a determined fool.

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