Monday, January 4, 2016

Memphis: "Project aims to house homeless youth with shipping container shelters"

This headline appears at the Commercial Appeal, a local Memphis outlet. We further learn that this is a project of the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center. These are good intentions. Nevertheless I have to ask: Is this the best that we can do?

The notion that our only solution for homeless kids is to house them in shipping containers is obscene.  In Tennessee, Catholic Charities takes in about $30 million of tax deducted contributions a year. The National Christian Foundation, based in Georgia, doles out about $700 million in grants annually — mostly from tax-deducted contributions. These folks contributed to making this mess (at least when it comes to homeless LGBT kids). Is it too much to ask for them to help out now? At least five residents of Tennessee have a net worth in excess of $1 billion. About 95,000 residents are millionaires. And this is the best that we can do? Where the fuck are all those Tennessee “Christians?”

When, as a society, did we decide that children are disposable?

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