Friday, January 8, 2016

Oh dear, NOM has a "petition" in support of Roy Moore

Roy Moore

National Organization for Marriage has started a “petition” on Friday in support of Roy Moore. I thought that conservative Catholics did not masturbate.

It's not really a petition, of course, since it's not directed at anyone to take any specific action. It's just a silly show of support for a state elected official who has taken a legally untenable position. Indeed, as I wrote about earlier today, the state's probate judges – who officiate civil marriages – refuse gay couples at their peril.

The petition reads:
Stand With Chief Justice Roy Moore and True Marriage

Justice Roy Moore has stood up to the Supreme Court and advised probate judges in Alabama to stop issuing same-sex "marriage" licenses. Stand with Chief Justice Moore in support of marriage and the constitution by signing this petition.

Let Chief Justice Moore know that you appreciate his courageous stand for the truth of marriage and the US Constitution by signing above.
Is that with the right hand or the left?

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