Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sprigg seems to be doing what he suggests he cannot do

Peter Sprigg

Peter Sprigg is the goto guy for all things LGBT at the Family Research Council. Sprigg likes to spread his message through American Family Association's “news” blog. Family Research Council and American Family Association are both certified anti-gay hate groups. They seem quite determined to maintain that status.

Today's little masterpiece written by Charlie Butts (not his porn name) is about Vice President Biden, freedom of expression and some form of imagined persecution of Christians. It's always about … never mind.

Mr. Butts (not the Doonesbury character either) writes:
Speaking in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, the VP pressured business leaders to take the lead in pushing other countries to adopt special rights and elevate the status of homosexuals. He then complained about culture.
According to Butts, VP Biden “spoke of a 'straightjacket' imposed by culture on people who might otherwise be supportive of the LGBT lifestyle.” Enter Sprigg:
“Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council finds it strange Biden would talk of culture imposing a straightjacket on people.” I fined it strange that Butts knows that Sprigg finds it strange. In fact I find them both a bit strange. But here's the quote from Spriggy:
Actually the pro-homosexual movement is dedicated to putting a straightjacket on people and making it impossible for them to even express the view that marriage is the union of a man and a woman or that children do better with a mom and a dad.
I think that he just did express that point of view. Indeed I notice another article about Porno Pete at the same blog today (I don't write about Mr. LaBarbera).

What Mr. Sprigg really means is that he cannot lie about LGBT people without being criticized for doing so. Equality is not a special right. There is no such thing as a homosexual lifestyle. Marriage is legally the union of two people of the same or opposite gender (gays have a constitutional right to marry the person of their choice). I have no idea what the pro-homosexual movement is and kids raised by gay couples do just as well, if not better, that kids raised by opposite-sex couples. It's about parenting, not gender.

I can play too. Kids raised by conservative Christian parents are likely to have diminished intellectual curiosity, hampered critical thinking skills and less ability to succeed in our diverse society.

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