Thursday, January 7, 2016

This kid has one terrific mom

Ethan and his mom
This story has been making the rounds. It plays well in France too. Eight-year-old Ethan wanted to look like a “fierce” drag queen. Makeup artist Joey Killmeyer obliged. Killmeyer's Facebook post (with the mother's encouragement) has gone viral. Even the couple of negative comments are moderate.

I remember a right-wing freak-out when a retail CEO painted her toddler son's toe-nails pink. It seems to be missing here. But there is more;

Ethan and his mom live in North Port, Florida which is on the west coast of the state about 30 miles south of St. Petersburg. It is not Mobile, AL but it's not South Beach either. Ethan's mom wants Ethan to be the best Ethan that Ethan can be — and that's up to Ethan.

I wish that I knew how to send her an email. She made my day.

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