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ADF only adds more inconsistencies to Bobby's story

Robert Oscar Lopez
A piece titled: “Marriage is Our Future: Bobby Lopez’s Story” was published  Friday on the blog of Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF – the far right wing Christian legal group – has a pattern of trying to puff up clients in advance of litigation. Barronelle Stutzman and Kelvin Cochran are recent examples. Expect more of this fluff.

The author of this piece provides us with an understanding of what makes Lopez so bitter and melancholy:
Bobby Lopez, a professor of English and the Classics at California State University, describes his mother’s lesbian partner as “everything that was warm and caring.” But when he was 19 and his mother passed away, his mother’s partner moved out to focus on her biological children. Until then, Bobby never had a relationship with his father, and after his mother passed away, he felt like he had no one to turn to.
When Bobby received a cancer diagnosis at the age of 27 and needed immediate surgery, there was just one person he wanted to see.

This desire to know his father is why Bobby, even as a bisexual man, believes that society should affirm marriage as the union of a man and a woman. He expressed this belief in a brief that he and others raised by LGBT parents filed with the Supreme Court last June.
That is shabby logic. It makes no sense whatsoever. His mother and her partner were not married. If anything his problem is that his parents divorced. Ultimately that is probably what he is so angry about. Lopez is bright guy but totally lacking in introspection.

According to ADF events culminating in abandonment when Lopez was 19 are at the core of all of this craziness. When Lopez is not penning erotic gay fiction he is railing against same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting. Some of his nuttiness is so extreme that he scrubbed the Internet but GLAAD still has some of the unadulterated medley of madness. Lopez filed at least six amicus briefs in various courts opposing marriage equality.  In his own words:
By my earliest memories, my father did not live in our home and had minimal contact with me. We did not practice regular shared custody. By the time I was two years old, my mother was in a stable, supportive, healthy lifelong relationship with another woman, whom I saw quite regularly and viewed as a third parental figure.
Who is Lopez blaming for what? What does any of that have to do with same-sex parenting which seems to have introduced some stability into his early life?

There is also an inconsistency

Lopez claimed in the same amicus brief that he became a prostitute when he was 16 years old. That would have been three years before his mother died. ADF gives the impression that things fell apart when he was 19.
I became a habitual sex worker by the age of sixteen in various cruising spots where older men told me I could find other customers; these included public parks, the bathrooms in 24-hour supermarkets, … I had sex with graduate students, janitors, and professors well over twice my age.

The money I received for sex certainly helped me financially because it allowed me certain spending money beyond what I earned with my teenage jobs at a pizzeria and in my mother’s clinic.
And then, in the same brief:
They [his mother and her partner]  maintained separate houses in town until I was a teenager and only moved in together when I was finishing high school.
So that would have been after he started turning tricks? He claims to have graduated from high school a year early (while he was blowing strangers) and:
I was accepted by Yale University and arrived there in 1988 as an emancipated seventeen-year-old. 
If ADF is correct then that would have been two years before his mother died. My guess is that he might have been independent for federal student aid purposes as part of an economic strategy and not legally emancipated. It does seem to conflict with ADF's presentation. At 19 he would have been a junior at Yale. His (effective) step-mother did not live in the same house for most of Lopez's adolescence. The fact that she moved out (possibly to sell the house) should have had no effect on the relationship. This is about Daddy.

Lopez's favorite theme is to compare gay parents to slaveholders. Has Lopez ever, for the briefest of moments, considered the possibility that it was his father who failed to maintain a relationship?

Little wonder why Bobby comes off as a crackpot. He has never been able to connect the dots between what makes him so utterly miserable and his opposition to same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting. He has daddy issues caused by a distant and divorced father. Lopez is obsessed with blame and blaming all the wrong people for his distress.

ADF goes on to describe the current controversy:

Ever since he first began sharing his story, Bobby has faced relentless attacks from HRC and GLAAD. One such attack began when Bobby offered his students an optional activity of attending a conference at the Ronald Reagan Library called “Bonds That Matter,” a discussion of family relationships and the rights of children. Months later, well after the university’s deadline for filing a complaint, some students filed a complaint against Bobby accusing him of discrimination and retaliation.
HRC and GLAAD have chronicled Lopez' own words and their doing so is irrelevant to the matter at hand. That is limited to Lopez and some of his students. The fact that the activity was optional is also irrelevant. If you offer someone a lift that is not license to drive 100 mph and crash. Attendance, by the way, was for extra credit. Moreover, the fact that this was at the Ronald Reagan Library is also irrelevant. Just about anyone can rent the facility.

The event was the first annual conference of his organization, the International Childrens <sic> Rights Institute. Its board includes some well known crazies; B.N. Klein aka Brittany Newmark aka Rivka Edelman and Dawn Stefanowicz. ICRI is little more than a website (it doesn't seem to be a 501(c)3). Lopez has scrubbed that site as well and only recently reconnected the menu to content.

Students expected that they would attend a scholarly conference. They complained that Lopez brought them to an anti-gay and misogynistic symposium. Students also allege that, after they complained, Lopez retaliated against them. Joe has some content from the Wayback Machine that Lopez deleted from his blog. Lopez wrote a poor me that seems to blame students for his own shortcomings:
Students lay sand traps, misrepresent what I say, march into administrative offices and lie about me. The fact that I am one man teaching 160 students every semester used to feel exciting;
I need my job. I will do what is required of me. You will get the requisite exposure to texts as stipulated by course catalogues and professional rubrics. There is an extra mile I used to take my teaching, but I must forego it now. Teaching is strictly business, no longer for me a sacred calling but a dangerous obligation I have no choice but to fulfill.
ADF continues:
After a 245-day investigation, the university dismissed most of the charges, but found Bobby guilty of retaliation, alleging that there was “bad blood” between him and one complaining student. Bobby now faces the possibility of demotion, suspension without pay, or dismissal.
By now I suspect that ADF has contacted the university in an effort to interject themselves into the matter. They win either way. If Lopez is retained it is due to their efforts. If Lopez is disciplined then ADF has another victim to exploit. It's what they do.

There is considerable evidence that Lopez is a smart yet spectacularly unbalanced individual who, in spite of being an accomplished academic, lacks focus on teaching English literature. I don't know exactly when he went off the rails but it is my considered opinion (from a distance) that there might be numerous issues with his employment. However in 2013 his peers and his department chair thought enough of him that he was tenured. It is clear from that now deleted text that he was, or is, very unhappy with his job.

Lopez likes to blame others for his own failures. He blames his mother for his being a prostitute (if that claim is even true). He blames his father for feeling lost and he blamed his own students for taking some of them to that idiotic conference. It is a way of not accepting responsibility for anything that happens.

Although it was deleted, posting that poor me to his blog showed an astonishing lack of judgment. I wonder what a good shrink would think. Was he subconsciously trying to sabotage his own career?

Perhaps the university should do him a favor. He can become a poster victim of the homosexual agenda. “Bobby” is a 45-year-old married man. Maybe Robert  should, at long last, grow up.

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