Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bill Donohue victimized by Hollywood's homosexual writers

Bill Donohue

Tuesday's news from the Catholic League is that Christianity, especially Catholicism, is under furious attack from Hollywood. Blowhard Bill Donohue explains where this is all coming from:
This is due to many reasons, one of which is the large number of homosexual writers who work there—this is no secret—many of whom bear an animus against Christianity.
Apparently Donohue has thoroughly researched this matter. He knows who these homosexual writers are and what percentage they are of the total. We used to be stereotyped as hairdressers, florists and interior designers. Now it's Hollywood writers?

Donohue does pretty well for himself writing this crap. In 2014 he gave himself another $50,000 raise to $466K in direct compensation plus another $52K in other comp putting him at a total of $518,000 a year at a $3 million outfit. And why not? Because they don't really do anything they report a surplus every year and the League is sitting on net assets of nearly $40 million. But I digress.

Getting back to Donohue's polemic which is titled “HOLLYWOOD'S GAY OBSESSION” (Donohue's titles are always all caps), he has evidence of the gay writers conspiracy:
The latest evidence came last night on the new NBC sitcom, “Superstore.” It featured a moronic exchange on how to make a gay wedding display even more gay. The discussion quickly evolved into a diatribe against Christianity, concluding that Jesus “would have been pro-gay marriage,” and indeed “would have been pro-gay adoption.” The characters even speculated, “For all we know, Jesus himself was gay.”
I fail to see anti-Christian bigotry in that speculation on a sit-com. There are nine writing credits according to IMDB. I have no idea if any of them are Catholic or gay or Jewish or whatever and neither does Mr. Donohue. They are, by the way, Jack Kukoda, Justin Spitzer, Matt Hubbard, Lon Zimmet, Jackie Clarke, Owen Ellickson, Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller and Sierra Teller Ornelas.

Donohue's methodology is intellectually astounding:
Doing a Bing search for “Hollywood gay writers” turns up plenty of stories—one of them lists roughly 900 past and former LGBT Hollywood writers. Here’s a shocker: a similar search for “Hollywood Catholic writers” turns up empty. So much for diversity.
Donohue doesn't link to the 900 gay writers piece. Who cares? Even Bill should comprehend that a search for Catholic writers is not definitive. Catholic authors on Wikipedia are broken down by country of residence. Wikipedia also has a list of Protestant authors. I don't know if any of these are Hollywood writers. A Google search for Hollywood Jewish authors turned up a list of Hollywood's real controllers on JewWatch.com which should tell you something about categorizing people in general. Donohue is not listening.
Few Catholics care whether Hollywood writers are disproportionately gay, but they do care about having their religion demeaned and trashed. That this goes on night after night—often accompanying gay-themed commentary—offers indisputable proof how utterly hypocritical the high priests of tolerance really are.
Earlier Donohue speculates that there are a disproportionate number of gay writers in Hollywood. Now he passes it off as fact. He is claiming that the writers of this particular show are intolerant of Catholics because they are gay. I need to send Bill an email … Okay, got that off my chest. I sent Donohue the list of writing credits and asked him to identify which ones are gay and which ones wrote the episode that has upset him so. I did so without snark. Nevertheless, I have a list of emails that Bill Donohue refuses to answer.

It doesn't seem to occur to Donohue that he is displaying anti-gay bigotry. This was a guy who blamed the priest scandals on sexy alter boys so he probably doesn't give a rat's ass about how offensive he is. By the way, Donohue is a divorced man.

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