Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Florida LGBT rights in peril - Phone numbers and email addresses for today's committee vote


Proposed anti-discrimination protections for Florida's LGBT citizens are at a stalemate. I live in South Beach. Nobody is going to discriminate against me and if they do they will be sorry that they did. Nevertheless, throughout the state, LGBT citizens lack basic anti-discrimination protections in employment, housing and public accommodations.

On Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee was deadlocked, 5-5, on an anti-discrimination bill on Monday. Rather than kill they are taking another vote on Tuesday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.

I know that it is trite but someone can marry over the weekend and then be fired or evicted on Monday for having done so. It is indecent. The reason that fundamental decency is so lacking in Florida is because holier-than-thou Christians are putting tremendous pressure on the legislature. They want the right to discriminate in order to shame us and demonstrate their approval — all nicely packaged in ersatz love and scripture.

I received the following from an anti-gay hate group, John Stemberger's Florida Family Policy Counsel:

Senate Committee About to Vote AGAIN today (Tues) on Bill to Allow Men to Use Woman's Showers, Locker rooms & Bathrooms:

We need your help! Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee NOW and respectfully tell them to "VOTE NO on SB 120" the so-called Competitive Workforce Act!
How very nice and civil of those good Christians.

If you live in Florida and one of these folks happens to be your state senator, he or she voted against equality and will have another shot at making it right today. Please give him or her a call and urge them to do the right thing:

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