Monday, February 1, 2016

Priest exploits a mentally ill woman to disparage trans people

Father Mark Hodges
Making the rounds on Christian websites is “20-year-old Norwegian: ‘I was born the wrong species.’ I’m a cat.” I am assuming that the woman believes that to be the case in contrast to a publicity stunt. The most recent version of this was written by Father Mark Hodges for LifeSite News, an orthodox Catholic outlet.
OSLO, Norway, February 1, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – "Nano," a 20-year-old Norwegian woman, says she realized at 16 that she is, in fact, a cat.

"I was born the wrong species," Nano says, explaining that because of a genetic defect, she is a cat trapped in a human body.

She speaks in "meows" to her friend. She hisses at dogs, hates water, and says she has a superior sense of smell and can see in the dark.
Father Mark, an Orthodox priest in Ohio who is married, goes on for several more paragraphs. He is oh-so-clever. The reason that Christians repeat this story is to suggest that trans people are confused — ignoring the very real issue of gender identity. Of course, in this case, the cleric knows more than all of the professional organizations. Sure.

Same on you Father Mark Hodges for exploiting this poor woman and, at the same time, denigrating transgender citizens. And why? Because some eunuch, with no training in medical or social science, “teaches” that transgender people do not really exist?

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