Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The conservative bathroom obsession

“The solution is not to remove gender identity from these bills. Rather it is to get Republicans' heads out of the crapper!”

Public pissoirs in Paris
I lived in Bangkok for a few years. I barely noticed the woman who came in to clean the office bathrooms while I was at a urinal. She would not peak over my shoulder and I wasn't waving my dick around. Pax. The same thing is true throughout Europe where bathroom attendants are usually women.

Unless I live in a different world than most people, you go into a public bathroom, do what you have to do, flush, wash your hands and leave. I doubt that women are much different other than the fact that the urinal is probably not an option.

In this country, the issue of where transgender people can pee seems to be a national controversy. It gets blown out of proportion by religious fundamentalists who routinely describe transgender people as those who wake up in the morning and decide what gender they wish to be. They and their Republican sponsors seem to be thinking of nothing other than bathrooms. All day long. Tile, ceramic, plastic, wood, metal partitions, knobs, flushing, water, soap … These things swirl through their heads obscuring everything else. “Nope. Pass on that legislation. I'm too busy thinking of potties and how they should be used.”

Laurie Higgins who is the propagandist for an anti-gay hate group, Illinois Family Institute, describes it this way, speaking of a bathroom in a high school with a reasonable transgender policy:
It should be noted that during the day this restroom is in a remote part of the high school and therefore a more convenient place for a sexual assault. This restroom, however, is located near the pool and gyms, so during public events like swim meets, basketball games, and pep rallies, it is easily available to any and all community members. A high school girl or a younger sister of a high school girl may be in a stall when a strange adult male enters.
Except that it has never happened. There is no instance where this policy has led to a sexual assault. Ever. Furthermore, by strange male she means a transgender female. Assuming that the high school girl is in a stall with the door closed she is unlikely to notice exactly who is using the bathroom. And there is nothing strange about transgender people. We are not supposed to be afraid of people who are different.

This is one of the silliest controversies that this country has ever endured. We are trying to do the right thing for a minuscule minority. There just are not that many transgender students. These people are not making spur of the moment gratuitous decisions to present as the opposite sex, particularly knowing that every school has a few ignorant idiots like Ms. Higgins.

This has a very serious and ominous side to it. As a community we have made a commitment to transgender citizens. We are including gender identity in every piece of anti-discrimination legislation that we are trying to push through. I think that one would have made it through committee today in Florida were it not for the bizarre GOPer preoccupation with loos.

The solution is not to remove gender identity from these bills. Rather it is to get Republicans' heads out of the crapper!

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