Thursday, February 18, 2016

The folks at the Cardinal Newman Society are not having much fun lately

The arch conservative Cardinal Newman Society (ironically named after a presumably gay prelate) cannot cope with the changing culture. Today it is the “Preferred Name and Gender Policy” at DePaul University that is propelling the consumption of antacids. What they consistently fail to understand is that cultural changes are often the result of people being better informed. Today people have a better understanding of gay and transgender people than they might have had just ten years ago.

Based in Chicago, DePaul it is the largest Catholic University in the nation. According to CNS:
A policy at DePaul University in Chicago was recently approved by the University’s executive leadership making it possible for students to choose preferred genders and names on college records, even though the policy contradicts Church teaching on human sexuality and statements made by Pope Francis and the U.S. bishops about the harms of embracing gender ideology.
The Cardinal Newman Society first reported on the policy in December when it was being proposed to a joint council of executive leadership. The council, made up of University President Father Dennis Holtschneider, C.M., deans and other administrators, passed the policy, according to the DePaulia.
While some people (I am not among them) think that the pope has demonstrated more acceptance of gay people, he has shown an obsession with what he refers to as “gender theory.” The cloistered bishops fail to appreciate the fact that colleges and universities are competitive enterprises. They compete for students, faculty and grants. Combined, they coalesce into the best academic environment that the university can provide. That is also how they achieve their financial goals. Willful ignorance of the needs of LGBT people negatively impacts the ongoing contests.
“It is an exciting day at DePaul!” the University’s Office of LGBTQA Student Services celebrated last week on a Facebook page post. “The Student Preferred Name and Gender policy is live! This is a huge move toward inclusion for DePaul students who identify as trans and non-binary though we recognize that more work is always needed.”

The new policy allows students to choose their preferred names and genders through “Campus Connect,” an online portal for students, faculty and staff that provides access to email, course management systems, class schedules and other University records. Students’ preferred “identities” will reportedly be reflected in class rosters, directories, official transcripts and diplomas.
Presumably CNS thinks that readers will be appalled. It makes perfect sense to me.

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