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Austin Ruse blames Obergefell on television

Austin Ruse
According to hate group leader Austin Ruse on Friday: “Without a doubt Obergefell was crammed down our throats, as were all the lower court decisions that overturned 34 state laws and constitutional changes voted upon by citizens.” The outlet for this wisdom was the orthodox Catholic Crisis Magazine.

I have not written about Mr. Ruse in awhile. He is the head of the Center for Family and Human Rights (“C-Fam”). The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated C-Fam an anti-LGBT hate group. Ruse's advocacy is on behalf of the Vatican. Ruse is a Knight of Malta and a Defender of the Faith™. It is unlikely that same-sex marriage has affected Ruse in any way whatsoever. However, the Vatican does not approve of gay people (we are “intrinsically disordered”) and the current dictum requires Catholics to oppose same-sex marriage. This results in Obergefell endangering Ruse's remaining tonsilur tissue.

I will go back to the body of the text but first I want to jump to Ruse's conclusion because it is revealing. He writes:
So, if you want to know how the ground was prepared for Obergefell and all the rest, it’s not because of the guy who cuts your mom’s hair; you know, the one who is so nice! It’s TV, where even chefs on cooking shows have to announce they’re gay because there is most certainly a gay way to slice tomatoes.
Apparently we have not gotten past the the stereotypical gay hairdresser. I would bet that Ruse does not understand how offensive that is. As for the chef, people come out publicly for many reasons. In this case it probably has nothing to do with how to slice tomatoes.  One reason is to finally say that they will no longer feel repressed and that they don't require anyone's approval to be who they are. Their days of being shamed by people like Ruse are at an end. We take back that power.

Let us now look at this polemic in more detail but know that it is written by a guy who sees us as a community of hairdressers and decorators. He hasn't a clue about the lives of gay people. According to Ruse, regarding public acceptance:
They argue that we changed our minds because of our own personal experiences with all the homosexuals we know personally; those we are friends with; our own sons, daughters, cousins, dads, and uncles who are happily and charmingly and certainly non-threateningly homosexual.
Uh, that's because most gay people aren't threatening — at least no more threatening than straight people.
While it is plausible that Americans changed their minds about homosexuals, we certainly did not change our minds about their agenda, that is, marriage, adoption, and the revocation of religious freedom.
Ah, the sinister Homosexual Agenda® which has actually never been anything more than Equal Protection under law. If Mr. Ruse believes that religious freedom means the freedom to discriminate in housing, employment and public accommodations then he is correct about our desire for revocation. Free Exercise is a constitutional right that I fully support.

Ruse is wed to the idea that the reality of gay people – how they live and how they are gay in the first place – is propaganda:
Without a doubt, the most important shows for advancing gay propaganda were Will & Grace, NBC’s hit show that ran from 1998 to 2006 where the whole show was nothing but gay, and Modern Family that premiered in 2009, where two of the main characters are gay and married and living right next door! I am told they are also the most stable and normal couple on the show. Natch.
Television shows run to generate advertising revenues. That requires people to watch the show. That's the agenda. In point of fact gay couples are no less stable than straight couples and since we are a minority group it is likely that our neighbors will not be gay.

In truth Ruse does not accept as fact that being gay is a natural variant of human sexuality. Therefore, he doesn't think that we should be portrayed as normal, let alone as stable and smart. “Intrinsically disordered” people (which Ruse believes we are) lack certain capabilities. Ruse wants us to be portrayed (if at all) as swishy hairdressers and interior decorators. Ruse goes on to write:
Will & Grace taught us that gays are just like us, with the same aspirations, the same troubles, joys, heartaches, laughs. Even Will’s friend gay Jack was presented as completely normal and non-threatening, perhaps a little nutty, even a little man-crazy in a non-threatening kind of a way, bouncing from relationship to relationship. But, oh gosh, it was all so harmless and fun.

Will & Grace naturally found a huge audience. It was in the Nielson top twenty for half of its run. For a few years it was the highest rated sitcom in the coveted 18-49 demographic. It was nominated for an astounding 83 Emmy nominations and won 16 of them.
Later on this is all some sinister conspiracy:
It is abundantly clear that homosexual propagandists knew they were not large enough in numbers to change the views of Middle America. In modern political parlance, they had no ground game. So, they took to the air. And how seductive TV is.
I concede that television shows affected America's acceptance of gay people. Ruse is defensive because he sees it as a conspiratorial “fuck you” to the Vatican. The reality is that television showed gay people for who and what we really are — Pretty much the same as straight people with some additional burdens. That made for good TV.

Ruse's writings demonstrate some of what we are up against in our struggle for full equality. There are more obstacles than some schmuck like Roy Moore in Alabama. Ruse is an intelligent and educated man. Like some of our fellow citizens he has willingly forfeited critical thinking in order to conform to his religion. People like Ruse and Roy Moore are never going to change. Our task is to work around them and to factually demonstrate that they are on the fringes of society. Indeed Catholics supported marriage equality in percentages greater than the general public.

At least Ruse did not resort to quotes from an obscure book titled After the Ball. It must have slipped his mind.

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