Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In Missouri a filibuster by Dems resisting anti-gay measure

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A filibuster by Democrats that began at 4:00 PM Monday has now gone into Tuesday morning at the Missouri Senate. The eight-member Democratic caucus is attempting to kill an anti-gay resolution to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would permit discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

The bill is the usual Alliance Defending Freedom boilerplate with the twist of submitting the matter to the voters. The wording of the ballot question is extremely disingenuous given the verbiage in the joint resolution:
Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to provide that the state shall not penalize religious organizations and certain individuals for religious beliefs or acts concerning marriage between two persons of the same sex, but the amendment does not prevent the provision of a marriage license or other marital benefits to such persons?
In addition to the discriminatory effects of such a measure it means that gays have to re-litigate marriage equality and gay rights. Outside money will pour into Missouri. Gay children and the children being raised by gay couples will have to endure what will be a nasty and divisive campaign led by pastors and priests. As the Kansas City Star notes:
The Bible mentions numerous times “the abomination of homosexuality,” said state Sen. David Sater, a Cassville Republican, later adding: “I’m not condemning this type of behavior. I just believe through my religious convictions that it is wrong.”
I think we can predict the tone of this anti-gay ballot contest.

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