Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Is Caleb Kaltenbach full of crap?

More than a calling, being a pastor is a way to make a living. Caleb Kaltenbach is a practitioner. Kaltenbach knows that a preacher with an interesting story can sell a book and speak at churches (for a fee of course).  Kaltenbach is plying his trade.

Kaltenbach's story is that he is the biological son of a gay man and a gay woman. He was raised by his mother and her partner from the age of two after his parents divorced. Supposedly his mom was on the board of directors of GLAAD (a dubious claim). He claims to have marched in a pride parade where Christians pelted them with urine (dubious).

The story goes that at 16 he attended a bible study and this led him to become a Christian. When he “came out” to his parents as a Christian they disowned him (dubious). His mother's partner dies and both of his biological parents have “submitted their lives to Christ.” More likely part of the enterprise I suspect. What a nice neat little package.

For someone supposedly raised by a gay couple Kaltenbach doesn't seem to know much about gay people.

Kaltenbach uses the usual phrasing like “same-sex attracted.” He implies that gay people are defined by their sexual orientation and confuses sexual orientation with the gay community. He also confuses sexual orientation with sexual intimacy. If you listen carefully he is saying that Christians can convert a homosexual by causing them not to define themselves by their sexual orientation.

Kaltenbach wants people to know that he accepts homosexuals but does not approve of them. A commenter at Amazon said that Kaltenbach sees gay people as projects. He wants to get close to them so that he can convert them.

Well we are neither projects nor playthings and we do not want to be converted. Kaltenbach, it seems, is just another anti-gay preacher making a living by claiming to love gay people. He is using gay people for his economic well-being. He will sell some books to the faithful and speak at some churches but in the end he's just one more full-of-shit Christian. We neither seek nor require his approval.

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