Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Joseph Backholm hates transgender children

Joseph Backholm
Joseph Backholm, head of the anti-gay group Family Policy Institute of Washington, is sending out email as “” According their website they are trying to raise $100,000 and enlist 1,000 volunteers to gather enough signatures to put Washington State's trans-inclusive law on the ballot. The fuckwit is doing this out of Christian love you know. Also very Christian of them is soliciting donations without identifying the recipient entity and without a tax advisory. This is a non-exempt purpose. Because those patriotic Christians want an informed electorate that will make good choices and always obey the laws of this great nation.

They might succeed in getting enough signatures. If they do then transgender children will be subjected (through those very Christian advertisements) to the idea that they are somehow a threat to other children. Which is fine because, as any good conservative Christian will tell you, they are just confused. In fact, in that email I received they already started throwing turds into the turbines:
Last week, we filed an initiative to repeal the bathroom rule and protect the privacy and safety of the most vulnerable among us-our children.
This dipshit needs a lesson on who is really vulnerable. Based on the steady stream of imbecility his children (if he has any) pose a real threat to the safety of LGBT children. Not the other way around.

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