Sunday, March 20, 2016

Meet Tennessean Henry Seaton

Henry Seaton
Henry Seaton is a typical teen-aged boy. Henry Seaton is also a  transgender boy. It is helpful to put a face on the receiving end of Tennessee's bigorty. In his own words:
I’m a boy – I live my life as a boy, my friends know me as a boy, my parents accept me as a boy. But now I have to use the teacher’s bathroom because a bunch of politicians feel uncomfortable with who I am? That’s not right.
Tennessee is one of the most LGBT unfriendly states in the country.  On March 4 I reported that the Tennessee House passed on non-binding resolution that God is offended by same-sex marriage. According to my consultation with God, he is more concerned about Tennessee's failing schools — something the legislature should address. God has also informed me that Evolution is settled science. But I digress.

Apparently legislators have too much time on their hands given the text of HB-2414 and the companion Senate bill, SB-2387. It is ADF boilerplate requiring students to use the bathroom consistent with their birth certificate. These are still in committee but they are moving forward. Henry Seaton poses a serious threat to, … whom? Just how insecure are these fuckwits that they need to ensure that Henry is discriminated against? This is all about Bible Belt Calvinism and biblical certitude. We have a saner voice:

Please join me in signing the petition organized by the ACLU.

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