Monday, March 28, 2016

National Organization for the Promotion of Religious Homophobia

Having lost on marriage Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, has found a new hobby. In spite of Brown's numerous misadventures and serial ineptitude people are, apparently, still willing to fund NOM to exist as an anti-LGBT hate group. Brown has become as reliable as Tony Perkins in opposing simple equality for LGBT citizens.

Today Brown writes: “Victory, Betrayal and Backlash.” The victory, of course, would be the nullification of Charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance by the good Christians of North Carolina. The matter is now in litigation and may prove to be no victory at all.

The Betrayal:

In Georgia, turncoat Republican Governor Nathan Deal just vetoed an extremely modest bill to protect pastors and churches from having to participate in same-sex 'weddings' and give some minor protection to religious schools from having to hire someone who openly opposes their religious beliefs. Deal ignored dozens of examples of discrimination against people of faith that have occurred across the country and instead adopted the approach advocated by LGBT extremists that any accommodation of religious objections to gay 'marriage' amounts to "discrimination" against gays and lesbians. Deal and the extremists demand that every single person, religious organization and small business in Georgia agree to personally participate in a same-sex 'wedding' ceremony if asked, regardless of their deeply-held religious views.
Does this guy read the spew that he puts out? It's always the same persecution of those poor Christians when, in reality, those folks have done a pretty good job making the lives of LGBT people more difficult. Just the pettiness of having to put the word weddings in scare quotes. We already know that Brian Brown does not approve. Who solicited his approval? Then he pits moderate Christians against extremest gays or radical activists. The reality is that an “extremist” is someone who believes that selling flowers that will be used at a same-sex wedding is some sort of holy sacrament to which we must all give deference. An “extremist” is someone who orchestrates the enterprise of the Vatican to dictate public policy in the United States. These laws would not be necessary if extremists weren't fond of telling LGBT people “We don't serve your kind here.”

Don't let them fool you with their “just trying to live their faith” bullshit. The very same people used to do the very same thing to Jews until they could no longer get away with it — at least not openly. Some of these people in Georgia would love to turn away people of color but that, too, is prohibited by law.

The Backlash:

It is now clear that LGBT extremists and the left will accept absolutely no dissent from the orthodoxy they wish to impose on the country and they are prepared to utilize cultural and economic threats to get their way. In Georgia, the head of the grossly-misnamed Human Right <sic> Campaign demanded that Hollywood studios and production companies threaten to withdraw all television and movie productions from Georgia if Governor Deal signed the legislation protecting pastors and churches from participating in same-sex ceremonies. Within days a who's who of Hollywood weighed in with statements against the legislation including Walt Disney Co., MGM, Sony, Lionsgate, 21st Century Fox, Discovery, Time Warner, CBS, and NBC, among others. Corporate America had already been working against the legislation for weeks and a group of giant businesses under the name Georgia Prospers was successful in stripping the legislation of most of the most important legal protections …
“Hollywood” used to mean those goddamned Jews. Perhaps it still does. But this is dishonest. Pastors and churches don't need those protections. The whole purpose of the “pastor protection act” that we are seeing around the country is to combine relatively benign legislation with outright discrimination based on Christian privilege. Perhaps they were hoping that no one would notice. As for corporate resistance, Mr. Brown has a long list of companies that he called out (unsuccessfully) for a boycott. Remember Dump Starbucks? He was using an economic lever to bend these companies to his will. Now we are using the economic lever of big business to oppose discrimination and Brown cannot cope. It was okay for him but not for us.

The reason that business opposes discrimination is simple: They don't want outside restraints on recruitment or relocation of employees. That costs them money. Discrimination is bad for the bottom line.

Speaking of the bottom line this probably helps NOM raise money in spite of their amalgamated stupidity with donations in the past. They will continue to inhale donations and exhale BS while doing not much of anything at all. What is that saying about a fool and his money?

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