Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Normal people would want this to quietly go away

David and Edie Delorme
Some self-manufactured victims are desperately in need of attention. I first wrote about David and Edie Delorme, owners Kern's Bake Shop, on February 26. The Longview, Texas bakery discriminated against a gay couple in a place that doesn't penalize such discrimination. In the two weeks and three days since then we keep hearing, over and over again, how David Delorme and Edie Delorme are victims.

Today the Delormes report:
A Christian couple who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple due to their religious beliefs said they received a threatening phone call that warned their house would be burned down and their 17-year-old son harmed.
At one point these nitwits got Todd Starnes in the act and they even hired a lawyer. What do they need a lawyer for? What is he, or Todd Starnes, going to do about the opprobrium from the small gay community in this small Texas place for smaller-minded Christians?

Christians continue to entertain the notion that it is correct to turn people away from their businesses. Baking a cake is nothing more than commerce. It is not approval and it is not participation. It is the exchange of goods for money at a profit. This obsession with who is going to eat their product and for what purpose would be laughable were it not for the legions of people who take it so seriously.

At times we are incredibly inept at making our case. Don't the Delormes demonstrate precisely why we need non-discrimination laws? They somehow presume to show just the opposite.

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