Friday, March 4, 2016

Tennessee legislators serving their constituents with a helping of bigotry

Tennessee welcomes you - unless you are gay
On Thursday The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a resolution that expresses “strong disagreement” with the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergfefell v Hodges that provides national marriage equality.By a vote of 73-18 these fine legislators approved Joint Resolution 529. This is all rather meaningless. The issue is settled and Obergefell is the law of the land.

We get it!

We always knew that the legislators of Tennessee disapprove of same-sex marriage. They simply prove the necessity for the Supreme Court to protect our constitutional rights. We are a small minority. In the South we are surrounded by a majority of conservative Christians who believe that we have a bad habit. That is what they teach their children while their kids are as likely to be gay as those born in Massachusetts. The state's gay children have now had their second-class status officially reinforced.

Maybe they should spend the time on the state's failed school system instead.

They are big on states' rights. How about the state's responsibilities? The mathematics proficiency of 8th grade students in Tennessee is ranked 42nd of the 50 states. The state is 41st in both the percentage of high school graduates and the percentage attaining a bachelor's degree (83.1%  and 23% respectively). Given that nearly a fifth of their kids don't graduate from high school it would seem that they have more productive things to do but these backward rubes are still debating Evolution. They also have the nation's 10th highest unemployment rate. 

Way to go Tennessee House!

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