Monday, March 21, 2016

The way things work: NFL opposes anti-gay discrimination therefore it "discriminates against Christians"

We're glad Georgia's on your mind - unless you are gay
Steve McConkey heads a “sports ministry — Four Winds Christian Athletics. This week it is based in Madison, Wisconsin (it moves around a lot). McConkey likes to issue press releases via Christian Newswire. Today's spew is titled “NFL Joins Forces with Homosexual Elites to Discriminate Against Christians.”

At issue is Georgia HB-757. As I previously wrote, the bill provides an affirmative defense to charges of discrimination. That has the effect of obliterating local ordinances such as the one in Atlanta. HB-757 was originally the Pastor Protection Act. It was merged with SB-284, First Amendment Defense Act. It is now titled Act to protect religious freedoms (which means the freedom to discriminate).

McConkey correctly notes that Georgia HB-757 has passed both houses of the Georgia legislature but has not yet been signed by Governor Nathan Deal. Many large businesses oppose this type of legislation which establishes a license-to-discriminate. Now the NFL has weighed in, threatening to move a potential Superbowl game out of Georgia. Indeed, Atlanta Falcon's owner Arthur Blank is a vigorous opponent of the bill. Mr. McConkey is not pleased:
This is another example of the gay agenda coming out against Christians. The NFL and other sport associations, plus big business, are joining forces with the gay elite establishment to penalize Christians if they do not support homosexuality. This is an attack on Christian freedom.
Poor schmuck. Christian freedom is the right of Free Exercise. That does not establish a right to discriminate in employment, housing and public accommodations. How profoundly unreasonable of us to resist legislation that invites discrimination. Discrimination is bad for society. Discrimination is also bad for business. How utterly unconscionable it is for businesses to protect their bottom line.

This guy has some rather strange tax records. Perhaps he should pay more attention to those. I will have some questions for the Service.

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