Thursday, March 17, 2016

This is how Dems take control of the Senate

Let's face the simple fact that LGBT rights are largely dependent upon Democrats. This new advertisement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is just the start now that Trump looks like the GOP's presidential nominee. Taking control of the House is a bit trickier.

By not voting every year progressives have allowed Republicans to take control of a majority of state legislatures. In 23 states Republicans control both houses of the legislature and have a Republican governor. In eight other states, Republicans control both houses of the legislature. Here is the breakdown from Wikipedia:

23 Republican-controlled governments
7 Democratic-controlled governments
7 Democratic governor/Republican-controlled legislature
4 Republican governor/Democratic-controlled legislature
1 Independent governor/Republican-controlled legislature
4 Republican governor/Split legislature
4 Democratic governor/Split legislature
50 Total

Why is this important? Because we have allowed Republicans to gerrymander their districts to keep them in office. Furthermore, we have all of those noxious voter ID laws that have one purpose: To suppress the votes of poor and minority voters who tend to vote Democratic.

We need to realize that every school board election is important. Every off-year election has some importance. You know that Christian conservatives are registered, have the necessary ID and vote every single year.

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